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Get to your destination safely and stress-free.

Being fatigued behind the wheel is a huge safety risk, so it’s important to take breaks on longer journeys. Regular stops give your body and mind time to rest and recuperate. Find out how to know when it’s time for a break and how to plan your routes effectively.

Plan in breaks. For everyone’s safety.

Drivers often overestimate their concentration skills and fitness. Heavy eyelids, frequent blinking and yawning, particularly on long journeys, are clear signs that it’s time for a break. Take the messages your body is giving you seriously.

Get it right:
  • Start your journey as fresh and relaxed as possible
  • Plan enough time for your journey, taking into account possible delays due to factors such as traffic jams
  • Plan a break every two to three hours. For shorter journeys, ten minutes will be sufficient. After eight hours of driving however, you’ll need 50 to 60 minutes
  • Only continue on your way when you are confident you will be capable of driving the next stage safely
  • If you reach ten hours of driving, stop for the night and continue the next day
  • Be aware of your body’s warning signs and if you are in any doubt, take a break
  • Plan stopping points into your route – maybe take a detour out into the countryside
  • Relieve muscle tension during your break with a few stretches and exercises
  • Make sure you have something to eat and drink, preferably something light and easily digestible

On longer journeys.

Eating right is essential to getting through long journeys comfortably. Try to avoid heavy, greasy foods. These will make you feel full and can quickly cause nausea. Sweet and salty treats will make you thirstier. Stick to lighter foods like fresh fruit and vegetables. Also make sure you have enough to drink. Go for water, juices or carbonated juice drinks.

Tips for the warmer months.

Even if it gets hot in your car, it’s best not to drive with the window open. Draughts can cause colds, even in summer. Keep cool cloths and drinks in a cool box, such as the one available from your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles service partner, to stay refreshed. Also make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather. And remember, the best way to stay comfortable on hot days is with your vehicle’s air conditioning system.

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