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Traveling with children.

Tips and games for long journeys.

Just like any other time you're looking after children, there’s one thing to remember: keep calm! If you stay relaxed, so will they. Plan in advance to make sure that your little ones won't have a chance to get bored. Here are a few practical tips, colouring pages and game ideas to help.


Take plenty of breaks. For their sakes.

  • Children need regular breaks to go to the toilet and let off steam
  • Plan a rest stop of around ten minutes every two hours
  • Many motorway service stations now have children’s playgrounds
  • Use any grassy areas there for a quick football match. This will get your circulation going again too
  • Follow these tips and it’s not only the kids that will benefit – you too will be refreshed and ready to take on the next stage of the drive


On every journey,
the safety of your youngest passengers is the first priority. Whether you’re taking a quick trip out to the countryside or travelling to another country, children need to sit in a secure car seat as per the ECE-R44 regulations. You can purchase suitable, easy to clean child seats from Volkswagen Genuine Accessories.


Fun car designs to colour in.

Especially on longer journeys, children get bored quickly and start to demand your attention – probably with a classic “are we there yet?”. To make sure you don't lose your patience, bring along plenty of diversions to occupy them. Like these fun Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles colouring pages:

Try these games to make journeys pass more quickly.

Entertainment doesn't always have to be digital. A few of these classic games can help keep your children occupied on longer trips.

Take a simple sentence with just a subject and a predicate, then have each player add on a single word in any position. The sentence always has to make sense. 

The man is sitting.
The man is sitting down.
The old man is sitting down.
The old man is sitting down there.

Think of a word and draw a line for each letter of it on a sheet of paper. Write in the first letter of the word and add it anywhere else it appears. The other players then take it in turns to guess more letters. If the letter is in the word, enter it wherever it appears. If it isn’t, start to draw a stick man on a set of gallows. Add an extra line to the drawing for each incorrect guess. The game ends when either the drawing is complete or someone guesses the word.

In this simple game, stare into your opponent's eyes without blinking. Whoever blinks first loses.

You don’t need anything extra to play. But you should know which songs the children know. Tap out the beat of a song. Whoever guesses the song first wins a point and gets to tap out the next song.

Create a secret language with the children that no one apart from you will understand. If you add an extra couple of syllables to each syllable of a word, you can talk in code. For example: “You-hudefu are-hardefar play-haydefay-ing-hingdeing the-hedefe game-haydefame”. If you practice a lot, you and the kids will be able to talk surprisingly quickly, and it’ll become even harder for everyone else to understand.

Does your child have an analogue watch? Tell them that they can quickly change it into a compass. First, set the watch to standard time, i.e. not daylight savings time. Then hold it horizontally and point the hour hand right towards the sun. Now, south will be directly between twelve o’clock and the time the hour hand is pointing to. So which way is north?

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