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The essentials: brake fluid, coolant and windscreen Clear.

They help your commercial vehicle to brake reliably, protect the engine against overheating, combat rust and limescale and ensure clear vision: Volkswagen Genuine fluids enhance the performance of your commercial vehicle. Discover our articles.

Volkswagen Genuine brake fluid.

The brake fluid to the VW standard 501 14 is a true multi-talent and has to fulfil demanding standards. Ensures that your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle comes to a safe standstill. 

The highest quality for your safety on the road.

Brake fluid has unique characteristics that increase your safety. During braking, the fluid transfers the pedal forces to the wheel brakes, ensuring that the vehicle decelerates or comes to a standstill. This hydraulic force transfer must never be impaired, otherwise your vehicle will not brake the way it should. That is why brake fluid must never freeze or become highly viscous at cold temperatures nor boil at high temperatures or under increased load. In addition, it must always be available in sufficient quantity and in perfect condition.

We rely on new standards. With the VW standard 501 14.

With our new brake fluid, we have created our own standard for the first time. Thanks to the VW standard 501 14, you will no longer confuse our genuine article with conventional products or poorer qualities. The new brake fluid to VW standard 501 14 is available at your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner. Upon request, he will also change the brake fluid and check your brake system. Book an appointment now.

  • Better performance at low temperatures.
    The new brake fluid to the VW standard 501 14 ensures better performance at temperatures between 0 and -40 °C. 

  • Longer service interval.
    Extends the first maintenance interval for new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to three years.

  • Improved cornering stability.
    The new brake fluid reduces the pressure build-up times of the electronic stability program at low temperatures. This serves to improve safety with regard to cornering stability.

Tips and important information.

If the proportion of water in the brake fluid is too high then dangerous vapour bubbles can occur. When these are compressed, your vehicle no longer brakes the way it should. Air bubbles frequently occur in older brake fluid. There is why you should have the brake fluid checked on a regular basis and changed, if necessary. Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner is happy to do this for you.

We recommend changing the brake fluid every 2 years.

Brake fluid plays a critical role in guaranteeing that your brake system functions correctly. Your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Service Partner changes the brake fluid for you and then checks the function of the entire brake system.

Volkswagen Genuine Screen Wash.

Dust, rain or snow: our Genuine Screen Wash powerfully removes dirt yet is gentle on your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle.

  • Sees you safely through the winter

    Genuine Screen Wash concentrate.

    Our original with premium quality provides perfectly matching frost protection, depending on the mixing ratio. In winter, it is essential to prevent icing, even at especially low temperatures. In addition, the special formula protects your windows and your washing system against limescale – without leaving any flecks on your paintwork. So that your Volkswagen remains genuine.

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  • For a clear view in summer

    Genuine Screen Wash summer super concentrate.

    Pollen and insect remnants leave persistent and hard-to-remove dirt on the windscreen. Our summer super-concentrated windscreen washer was developed for precisely these conditions. It provides highly concentrated cleaning and is also especially efficient thanks to its mixing ratio of 1:100. So that you always have a clear view.

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  • The year-round solution

    Economy Screen Wash concentrate.

    The efficient Volkswagen Economy Screen Wash concentrate cleans and maintains your windows with reliable manufacturer quality yet at an especially attractive price. It has been specially developed for vehicles older than five years and is suitable for use all year round. The Volkswagen Economy Screen Wash concentrate provides reliable anti-freeze protection down to -50 °C.

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  • Powerful cleaning.
    Generally, the Volkswagen Screen Wash completely removes dirt and soiling on the front and rear windscreens as well as from headlights with a cleaning system.

  • Reduced icing.
    Specially formulated vaporising inhibitors increase the vaporisation time and the alcohol percentage remains stable. This results in less icing and a better cleaning effect.

  • High environmental compatibility.
    Naturally, the Volkswagen Genuine Screen Wash is subject to the strict environmental protection regulations of Volkswagen AG. In addition, we do not use any water-insoluble cleaning substances.

Volkswagen Genuine coolant.

Even under demanding conditions our Genuine G13 coolant provides reliable cooling – and also extends the service life of your engine.

G13. A longer life for your engine.

Modern water-cooled engines, like the one in your Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle, require a coolant additive that provides the engine and cooling systems with lasting protection. We recommend G13 from Volkswagen. It is thermally stable up to 135 °C and its anti-corrosion components provide better heat dissipation on light metals such as an aluminium cylinder head. A well-cooled cylinder head gives the engine a longer life. G13 is also ideal for older grey cast iron engines and can be mixed with all predecessor products.

  • Antifreeze protection.
    The Volkswagen Genuine G13 coolant mixed with water to the correct ratio provides antifreeze protection from -25 °C to -40 °C.

  • Heat protection.
    G13 increases the boiling point of the coolant water to up to 135 °C and also stabilises the heat dissipation even under extreme conditions.

  • Lime scale and corrosion protection.
    With its exceptional hard water stability, G13 has the task of preventing limescale deposits in the cooling system and protecting the engine against corrosion. G13 it is specifically designed for the metal materials utilised in Volkswagen engines.

  • Material compatibility.
    Whether an alimony engine, seals or hoses: G13 provides you with the unrestricted material compatibility of a Volkswagen Genuine part.

  • Environmentally-conscious disposal.
    Our G12 plus and G13 do not contain any nitrite, nitrate, phosphate and amines.

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